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Know your market and/or demographics. It makes a big difference in the design of the web site. Different age groups respond to different colors and shapes, while the technology and graphics used in creating your web site can change if your market is outside of the USA. The search engines look for different aspects within the web site coding depending on where the bulk of your clients are located.
The current structure of the search engines is such that ranking depends on how much you are willing to spend to market your website. Because of this we can not guarantee positioning. We will advise you on internet marketing and assist you with your budget planning to advertise your site.
We will advise you to open a google account so that we can add the google analytics to your web site which can provide valuable stats to inform you of your web sites traffic and allow you to track the results of specific advertising.

Please feel free to visit our clients web sites and/or contact them for references.

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Prices for your web site will vary according to the number of pages your site requires and the type of graphics that would best display your product or business. The prices below are the basic fees to get a web site up and running.
Domain Registration and Monthly Fees
Domain Registration
  • We can also modify an existing domain at no fee
  • $15 for 1 yr or $30 for 2 yrs
    Set-up of your domain on our servers
  • We can also work with your existing server
  • No charge
    Monthy Hosting fees on our servers
  • Billed Quarterly
  • $10/month (1-3pages), $20/month or $30/month for commerce account
    Web Site Design Fees
    Basic Design for first page
  • Where we develop the basic 'feel' of the web site
  • $350
    Subsequent pages in the site
  • There is no limit on the number of pages
  • $125/page
    Special programming
  • Databases, autoresponders, automated functions
  • $50/hr - estimate to be given before work begins
  • Logos, complimentary images, etc.
  • $35/hr - estimate to be given before work begins
  • Using your original photos, etc
  • $4 per scan
  • Basis SEO provided
  • no fee for basic, but additional upload or preferred positioning requires an estimate
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